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To Shine or not to Shine?

Contemporary dwellings rarely contain dedicated working space, whilst the ubiquitous co-working clubs provide a metaphorical room of one's own. A desk.

Virginia Woolf, more than any of her contemporaries, understood the importance of women having fiscal solvency and physical space dedicated to self-realisation. "A woman must have money and a room of her own if she is to write...” as she put it. Thanks to the myriad of socio-economical developments, monetary freedom is now attainable, the challenges of securing a physical place still remain.Not all is lost and Woolf's paradigm is still achievable. We now have an opportunity to eschew isolating home office and establish ourselves in a shared working environment surrounded by like-minded individuals.  This is something to not only be appreciated but also cherished. Woolf would have been thrilled at the prospect of co-working clubs that are overtaking the capital and the country.   Socio-political as well as economic developments no longer render working spaces to be exclusively male. Moreover, custom usages of the interior room have also been redefined in the last century, going as far as abolishing the traditional use drawing rooms as the hostess’s pride and joy. 

Fluidity, freedom and flexibility elements of the underpinning concept of co-working venues allow for new realms of self-identification and self-representation. No longer are we defined and defied by a particular place within an office floor hierarchy; the egalitarian principle of a co-working space places a struggling freelancer on par with a successful entrepreneur.
We may not be able to afford physical space, but we can afford to be free in our choice of profession, education and company.  A pretty powerful place to be - at one’s own desk.

"I would highly recommend FifteenFifteen to anyone who wishes to undergo a construction project and who are also in need of quality services."

Private Client, Belgravia

"It has been an absolute pleasure collaborating with FifteenFifteen on a recent project. Attention to detail, scheduling and budget management were adhered which resulted in a successful project completion."

Building Contractor, London

We consider all the elements of interior to be of equal importance. Lighting design and fixtures, ironmongery finishes, soft furnishings, hard surfaces are carefully selected to create a balanced and considered scheme.

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