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Not so long ago, London was an epicentre of the world of art with multiple art and design fairs taking place simultaneously all over the capital.  Whilst it inspiring to witness a plethora of groundbreaking new art at the Frieze London but it was also a realisation that aesthetic appeal of my beloved flat was in a dire need of an update.  I had become accustomed to its calm Stone Blue by Farrow&Ball walls punctuated by paintings collected on my travels and chipping of paint.  I had grown fond of the ever present wall hangings that became part of the furniture as when moved, the wall revealed faded patches of once deeply saturated paint.  I had stopped noticing the wisdom of the framed typographic posters that by now all but lost its sageness.  My flat was, indeed, in an immediate need of attention, or rather in an immediate need of an injection of a je ne sais quois.   

Having assessed my options, there were a few that were viable: to either modernise the walls, or breathe life into a pile of scatter cushions or invest into new art.  The first option of giving the walls a lick of paint is not only non-negotiable but is most necessary as the backdrop to either art or new soft furnishings it must be scuff and chip free. The bringing home the best of Frieze art fair option (just as well - I do not incidentally own a Black American Express  card) will have to be kept on file for some foreseeable future.  The cushions, however, presented a not only a workable solution to my interior design woos but a sumptuous one too - who does not look forward to browsing through collections of luxury velvets, silk and organic cotton pillows adorned with unique designs and beautiful colours?  After all, soft furnishings provide focal points if these are lacking as well inject colour and interest in a room. Doesn't art do the same?  

Now onto the colour - I opted not to tempt fate (or my husband!) by repainting the walls in a different colour so Stone Blue remained.  I am a firm believer, that less does not always have to be more: the bold step of painting a less-than-generous sized room in deep, distinctive colour creates a refined backdrop for displaying your art. 

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So far, so good, I thought.  The next challenge was to smarten up the tired looking sofa with new sumptuous designer cushions.  The rule of thumb is the narrower the colour palette the more sophisticated the final result will be.  This, however, does not mean working with only one colour  or design - be bold and combine different patterns and textures together, such as organic curves with architectural stripes; soft velvets with rough washed linens.  Oh, and do add a splash of a complimentary colour, like Ralph Lauren Home below illustrates, for a unified yet dynamic look.

home accessories are the new art, how to decorate with cushions, velvet cushions, silk cushions

Image credits: Elle Decoration (Image 1); Ralph Lauren Home (Image 2)

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