The Votes are In and It's a WIN!

Being in charge of a small interior design company does have it perks, after all. One of the projects that I had completed last year in Belgravia has just earned FifteenFifteen an award for the Most Client-Focused Interior Design Studio at the Build Magazine Architectural Awards 2018.  This is the service that micro interior design studios like mine strive to deliver to clients: unparalleled, undivided attention to clients’ vision and requirements; being the first (and only) port of call for builders, suppliers and all clients’ family members; overseeing tradesmen, budgets, quality control and aesthetic merit.  Once the project is delivered, the clients are pleased and the paperwork is finished, the sense of accomplishment is unparalleled and undivided as dedication required to deliver it. This is the biggest perk in my line of work that is worth every dusty site visit, long and (often) lonely hours and every issue resolved. So having come to think of it, everything else is a cherry on top. 

See the winning project.

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The full list of the Build Architectural Awards 2018 can be found here.

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