Who is the Mostest of Them All?


With the party season approaching it is easy to get caught up in endless festivities and, before you know it, your family are on your door step with a suitcase in each hand.  Avoid causing yourself undue stress when you realise that your guest room has seen better days and so did your hosting skills.  Set aside some time to run through the guest room check list to guarantee that your guests return home reposed and relaxed.

 Room Essentials

Whilst no one expects you to turn your guest bedroom into a boutique hotel with room service, your visitors should get a feeling that their arrival was anticipated and comfort was considered.  If your guest bedroom is an afterthought that contains a replaced mattress, discarded bedding and see-through curtains, it is, perhaps, time to upgrade. Investing in a decent mattress and bedding would go a long way as well as dressing the bed in quality linens. Whilst preparing a set of towels and extra blanket and pillow will ensure that your guests’ physical wellbeing is cared for, stacking a few good books by the bedside will take care of their spiritual one.  Replacing flimsy curtains with blackout ones to accommodate the lightest of sleepers and installing a sheer blind to protect privacy will ascertain that your guests are ready for another day of festive fun.

Tech Friendly, Travel Savvy

Bolster your hostess credentials by providing your guests with necessities such as a travel plug adapter for your overseas visitors and a smart phone charger for the forgetful ones. A bedside table lamp with soothing light will alleviate jet lag whilst a portable fan or heater will provide climate control.

Comfort Creatures

Christmas means frosty mornings, chilled bubbly and cold turkey sandwiches.

Surprise your guests with a neatly folded dressing gown, a soft pair of slippers, sumptuous pair of bed socks and a hot water bottle to melt even the frostiest amongst them.

Special Extras

Just because you’re hosting grown-ups it does not mean that they would not enjoy being spoilt.  Dot on your guests by thoughtfully placing a water jug by bedside every evening and sprucing up their surroundings with potted succulents or freshly cut flowers. Your female guests would be bowled over if presented with a selection of toiletries and a relaxing wax candle for extra luxurious touch. Who said Christmas stockings are just for the little ones?

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